Cozumel, Mexico
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OLA from Mexico!  Our day started out much like the last two - cloudy, rainy, very disappointing.  We boarded a ferry boat to go ashore.  Once ashore it did stop raining.  We met our guide for the morning adventure and took a taxi to the park.  This was my BIG thrill for the trip.  I got to pet a dolphin!!  There were six of us in a group that went down into the water, learned the signals to get our dolphin to come give us a kiss, come to us for a hug, then beside us so we could grab his fins and have him pull us through the water.  So cool!  After that we had some free time and the SUN CAME OUT!  Spent about 20 minutes on the beach soaking up some rays before taking our taxi back to town.

Susan Kissing Madonna Susan and Madonna Ed and others holding Madonna Susan's belly ride Ed kissing Madonna Ed's belly ride Susan Sunning Ocean 

Had lunch at a little Mexican cafe then looked around in some of the local shops while beating off the shopkeepers trying to sell you their wares!  Enjoyed some ice cream just before getting back on the ship around 5pm.

Lunch Susan and the ship 

We're not just having fun and games and food - we actually went to the fitness center this evening to burn off a few pounds.  After dinner this evening, we put them all back on again.  It was Caribbean dress up night and our waiter, Murat, is very entertaining and gracious enough to take our picture.  Upon returning to our stateroom in the late evening, we never know what to expect from our attendant.  Last night was a towel swan, tonight it was a wiener dog!!!  How fun.

Supper Puppy towel

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