At Sea

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Friday was spent on the ship all day.  Weather was great with a breeze created by the ship's movement.  We explored a few places we had not been before, then visited some of our favorite spots, (usually ones with food!)  Watched a demo on how to make a black forest cake. It was mostly for entertainment  rather than instruction.  The pastry chef was giving directions and the cruise director and a woman from the audience were trying to follow along.  It was quite a hoot..

Cake Demo Bobby and lady

Ed wanted to take on the climbing wall again and remembered he had to have socks.  We didn't  want to walk all the way back to our room, so Ed borrowed socks from one of our dining room friends, Dave.  Some people are so nice they'll give you the socks off their feet!  Ed climbed then we found Dave and Theresa to return his socks.  

Dave and Ed Ed on wall

We had to get all our bags packed before dinner and put them outside our door.  We kept what we needed for the night and next morning.

Ed and Susan Sunset

Had a beautiful sunset then it was off to dinner then hit the bars!  Lots of fun activities go on in the Safari club.  It was karaoke night and I was urged on by Ed and our other dining room friends, Nan and Jennifer.  Nan and I went up and sang (or at least attempted) the Lion Sleeps Tonight.  They commented that they didn;t think they had anyone choose that song before!  Later the four of us went to the Vortex for the disco atmosphere.  Nan, Jennifer and I burned off a few calories with our dancing about.  Lots of fun.

Susan at Karaoke
Video clip


The towel art for our last night was a stingray.  


This is our last entry before leaving the ship.  We are actually finishing this up on Saturday morning as we wait to be called to leave the ship. They have everyone separated into groups and we are in the 9th group of 12..  Once we are off the ship, we'll collect our baggage, get a shuttle to the airport and pick up our rental car.  The drive to St. Petersburg is about 3 1/2 hours and our flight leaves there at 5:50pm.

What a great way to celebrate our upcoming 30th anniversary!

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