Costa Maya, Mexico

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What a beautiful day!  We took the "Mayan Reality Tour" this morning in which we learned about the Mayan culture both past and present.  We took a bus and saw the "real" Mexico.  Houses, or shacks, and the villages that the people in this area live.  We stopped at a Mayan temple ruin and then to a Mayan family home.  This home was the actual home of this family, but obviously done up well for the tourists.  The tourist industry is their main source of income, next to pineapples and bananas.  The lady of the house made corn tortillas for us to sample - very good.  Notice the interior of the home, the newspaper on the wall is for insulation.  You will see they are not deprived of important possessions such as a flat screen TV, refrigerator, and a stereo system you cannot see.  The tourist season  seems to have done them well!

ruins and Reggie  Ruins and Ed Mayan Home Cooking Living area lagoon

After leaving the Mayan home we traveled to the Bacarar Lagoon.  There we had our box lunches, then returned to the dock area.  We spent some time laying in the sun and shopping before boarding the ship.  Sent a picture of our ship and another Royal Caribbean ship that was docked right by ours.  The dock of Costa Maya was created just for the cruise ships to dock at.

shore line iguana 2 ships climbing wall sunset

We conquered the rock climbing wall then watched the sun set as the ship departed Costa Maya on the way to the Grand Cayman Islands.

In case you were wondering - Our towel art sculpture was an elephant.


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